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NYN Media Insights podcast: How a nonprofit can evolve to serve new communities

Zach Williams on Feb 15, 2018

Redefining an established nonprofit for a new generation can be a daunting task. New services need planning, established constituencies have to make room for new ones and organization leaders have to…

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What I observed over my three decades-long career in child welfare services, Part II

Robert Maher on Feb 14, 2018

Editor’s Note: This is the final part of a two-part article by Dr. Robert Maher who recently retired from his position as CEO at St. Christopher’s which provides education and life planning skills to…

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Building a new model for care through Behavioral Health Care Collaboratives

David Woodlock on Feb 12, 2018

Institute for Community Living has been given the opportunity to help launch what could be a game-changing model on behalf of children, adults and families across New York City. Our group’s propos…

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NYN Media Insights Podcast: Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Millennial Board Members

Zach Williams on Feb 08, 2018

On Jan. 24, 2018, NYN Media convened an expert panel for BoardCon 2018 on an issue facing every nonprofit – big or small – how to retain and recruit millennial board members. Millennials are the large…

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