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Front-Line Hero: Theory Thompson, LifeLink Program Director, Good Shepherd Services

Michelle Arnot on Sep 25, 2017

By age 13, Theory Thompson of Castle Hill in the Bronx had buried both parents. But a scholarship from the nonprofit A Better Chance enabled him to attend a private boarding school in Philadelphia, he…

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FPWA: Trump Tax Plan is Punishing for New York Families

Derek Thomas on Nov 03, 2017

 The “Unified Framework” plan put forth by the White House and the congressional Republican leadership is scant on details for low- to middle-income taxpayers, but rich in specifics for the wealthy –…

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As Summer Youth Employment Program grows, so does the debate over how to retool it

Dan Rosenblum on Oct 30, 2017

As New York City pumps more money into its popular summer youth jobs program, city officials and nonprofits are discussing ways to improve it, including better addressing the needs of different ag…

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Lobbying vs. Education and Advocacy: What Does It Mean for Your Nonprofit Organization?

Frances McKenna and Robert Lyons on Nov 07, 2017

Charitable organizations often find themselves in the precarious position of determining the difference between lobbying, education and advocacy. This issue revolves primarily around the determination…

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