Nonprofit MarkCon Program


On Thursday, September 17th, New York Nonprofit Media will host Nonprofit MarkCon which will bring together marketing and communications executives from nonprofits across New York to discuss how to build a brand.  


The event will be held at:

Fordham University, Center for Nonprofit Leaders
Pope Auditorium
60th Street Entrance, Lincoln Center


8:00 -8:30 am Networking & Registration


8:30 -8:45 am Welcome and Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks: Associate Dean of Continuing Education, Graduate School of Social Service at Fordham University 

8:45 -9:30 am Achieving Brand Differentiation in a Crowded Field

This session will examine a close look at branding from the standpoint of separating yourself from other institutions when you have colleagues who pursue similar missions and may provide similar services.  It is challenging for nonprofits to differentiate themselves when their capabilities are so similar.  How can they stay ahead of the curve?



  • President, MarketingWorks


  • Executive Director, ACDS
  • National Director of Marketing Communications, American Friends of the Hebrew University
  • Creative Director, CitizenRacecar
  • Communications Director, Office of NYC Mayor
  • Vice President of Development & Marketing, United Hebrew of New Rochelle


9:30am Rooting for Roona:  A movement based film helping non-profits create change

Founder & CEO, VALO Group, LLC 

10:00am Networking/Break


10:15am Getting the press to respond to your message

To make your story matter it needs to have a timely angle or tie into a local/national trend.  It is essential to build relationships with journalists in your city and then follow-up with them personally after sending a press release. This session will focus on finding and telling stories, translating nonprofits’ values-driven statements and messages into news, and making programs and organizations clear to the outside world in carefully honed words and images. 



  • Vice-President of Community Affairs, WABC-TV


  • Senior Staff Associate, Columbia University
  • Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business 
  • Director of Communication and Marketing, Jewish Child Care Association 
  • Director of Development & Communications, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council, Inc.


11:00am How does rebranding impact nonprofits? 

Can rebranding help a nonprofit increase revenue from individuals and other supporters? Can it truly create an uptick in fundraising, recruitment, activism, or media attention?  When is it time to do a full rebrand versus a partial rebrand?



  • Vice President, Big Duck


  • Director of External Relations, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners
  • Director of Development and Communications, New York Common Pantry
  • Chief Development Officer, Sheltering Arms


11:45am Keys to Success in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the most incredible tool nonprofits have ever had access to. Your audiences are using more and more channels to—and it can be challenging to keep up. Whether it’s social media, e-newsletters, websites, mobile responsive, apps, and texting, there is a lot to consider. These are just some of the trends that are emerging, and have been for some time, in the marketing plans of nonprofits across the country.




  • SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, United Way of New York City


  • Principal, Strategy & Technology, Minds On Design Lab
  • Director of Communications, New York Cares
  • Senior Director, Strategic Clients, Small World Labs
  • Global CEO & Chief Storyteller, Story Worldwide

12:30pm Networking Luncheon


1:30pm How small nonprofits are making communications and marketing work for their organizations

It's no secret that smaller organizations have smaller marketing budgets and fewer resources available than the larger organizations. But that doesn’t mean they can’t make a real difference with their communications efforts.  This session will explore the many strategies smaller nonprofits can use to get the same or even better results than the big players in the sector.



  • President, Anat Gerstein, Inc


  • Development Director, Breakthrough New York
  • Director of Marketing and Community Engagement, Flushing Town Hall
  • Executive Director, Sadie Nash Leadership Project
  • Executive Director, Washington Heights CORNER Project


2:15pm Connecting your database and systems to marketing tactics

Databases make information management easy and relatively inexpensive. They can be more purposeful when you have instant access to details of all your customers and prospects and all your contacts with them.  By connecting your contact database to your site, systems can recognize individual visitors and dynamically alter the content and calls to action based on their history on the site. The goal, of course, is to personalize the consumer experience, and drive increased engagement and conversion rates.




  • Chief Development & Communications Officer, The Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies


  • VP of Communications, CharityEngine
  • CEO, Icreon
  • Director of Digital, JCC Manhattan
  • TBA, WealthEngine


3:00pm Networking/Break


3:15pm How to incorporate social media into your marketing efforts

Social media has been changing the way we communicate, the way we coordinate, and the way we raise money in recent years.  Nonprofits are able to use the power of social media to best serve their community as it allows agencies of all sizes to have considerable effect.  It is a powerful tool for putting a nonprofit’s best face forward to define and strengthen its brand by promoting its services and achievements, spotlighting advocacy initiatives and establishing expertise in its field. Yet social media can also be used by its staff and its board to reveal the heart of an organization – its integrity, commitment and how it stays accountable.  




  • Senior Strategist,


  • Chief Marketing Officer, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City
  • Creative Director & Owner, DMJ Studios
  • Development Associate, Queens Centers for Progress
  • Founder & Principal, Susan J Ragusa LLC

4:00pm How to create and market your event

As a nonprofit organization, you are likely to have limited resources for setting up and putting on events that benefit your members or donors and your organization. But limited resources do not mean limited options when it comes to creating pre-event buzz and post-event follow-up.  How do you engage potential attendees and compel them to register?  The challenge with holding a successful event lies in the marketing and promotion of the event. Having a multichannel approach to promoting and advertising the event is the key to gathering more attendees and more buzz.



  • Director of Special Events, Safe Horizon


  • Vice President of Development and Mission Advancement, Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc.
  • Manager, Marketing Communications and Digital Strategy, Green Chimneys
  • Founder and CEO & Business Development & Events Manager, RSI Auctions
  • Director of Strategic Partnerships, YouGiveGoods


4:45pm Closing Announcements, Raffle Winners & End of Conference



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