NYN Media Buzz: Dec. 1, 2017


The Amida Care Fund at Stonewall Community Foundation announced $20,000 in grants to six community organizations throughout New York City. The grants will support programming that helps people with HIV as well as homeless people and transgender individuals regardless of HIV status. A press release released on Philanthropy New York details the specific organizations who received grants and what they intend to do with the funds.


There is less than one week until the Dec. 6 deadline to apply for the Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund. The grants offer up to $45,000 to support capacity building projects, including development in financial management, leadership, new program planning and strategic alliances. Eligibility requirements for prospective applicants include prior outreach to communities of color for recruitment of executive director, CEO and members of the board, an operating budget of at least $150,000 and ongoing experience serving a community where a majority of the population is people of color. Preference will be given to organizations with budgets less than $2 million, states the request for application. The fund is sponsored by the Coalition for Asian American Children & Families, Hispanic Federation, New York Urban League and Asian American Federation.


A new study from the Center for New York City Affairs at The New School examines to what extent “teen-specialized preventive services” are keeping New York City teens out of the foster care system. Providers report that New York City has inadequately funded these services since their establishment in 2013. Annual turnover among preventive service providers is as high as 40 percent, and the city needs to gather and release more data in order to properly judge results. However, there are positive signs that the service can make a difference if they are conducted by well-trained and supervised providers who are not over-worked. Read the full report here.

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