NYN Media Buzz: Dec. 7, 2017



A new survey from The Commonwealth Fund reports that a majority of people who depend on the Affordable Care Act for health insurance are satisfied with their choice of doctors. Even larger majorities indicated satisfaction with the insurance provided by either Medicare or the marketplaces established by President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare legislation. These findings relied on a national sample of nearly 5,000 individuals ages 19-64 who were contacted between March and June 2017.

University Settlement is accepting applications for a Spring 2018 program that integrates arts and social services. The aim is to train artists as well as arts, nursing home and hospital administrators in how to implement arts programming related to health care and creative aging. The deadline to apply for the week-long program is Friday, Dec. 29. Those accepted into the program funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs will receive notification by Jan. 31.

Harlem-based nonprofit Community Voices Heard is organizing “a youth caucus” that will train activists to confront police brutality and racial profiling through leadership development in racial, social and housing justice issues in Harlem and the Bronx. Leading the effort is Shannon Barber who is the new Ramarley Graham Youth Organizing Fellow. This position is named in honor of a Bronx teen who was fatally shot by the NYPD inside of his home in 2012. Richard Haste – the former officer who pulled the trigger – ultimately resigned from the police department shortly before he would have been fired for violating department policing, a rare finding by the NYPD’s disciplinary trial process in such cases.

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