NYN Media Buzz: Nov. 21, 2017


President and CEO of The New York Women's Foundation giving remarks at the 2017 Celebrating Women Breakfast

Twenty-two grassroots organizations have been awarded a combined total of $1,000,000, the first recipients of Resiliency-NYC grants from The New York Women’s Foundation,  it was announced by Ana Oliveira, The Foundation’s President and CEO.

 Created in December 2016 in response to the shifting national political landscape and looming federal-level policy changes expected to adversely impact New York’s most vulnerable communities, Resilience-NYC funds organizations and programs that work with women and families directly impacted by changes in federal policies to address wide-ranging discrimination and abuse including political, economic, sexual, health and physical violence. Grants were awarded based on the programs’ ability to build resistance to negative policies and strategies or to protect positive policy strides at risk; to ensure that an organization and its programs could lead effective community-led solutions; to build on the strengths of leaders, staff, volunteers; and to increase women's presence in the political process.

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