NYN Media Buzz: Oct. 9, 2017


Tim McChristian, Executive Director, Madison Square Boys & Girls Club

Provided below are community announcements provided by nonprofits across New York. Want to send some our way? Email us.

For the first time in more than four decades, Children’s Aid, one of the longest-running human services organizations in New York City and the nation, has updated its public identity and launched a new brand strategy that brings its profile into step with the innovative services it offers to children, youth, and families in some of New York City’s most under-resourced neighborhoods. In addition to a new logo and tagline, the organization has shortened its name from The Children’s Aid Society to Children’s Aid. The agency’s mission, though, remains the same: an unwavering commitment to ensuring that there are no barriers to the aspirations of young people, no limits to their potential. The development and adoption of a tagline was particularly important, as it reflects the reality of addressing childhood poverty. The work must be done “Every Step of the Way” through childhood to create the sustained impact that will bring academic success and adult independence.

The Board of Trustees of Madison Square Boys & Girls Club  announced that Tim McChristian has been appointed Executive Director of Madison Square Boys & Girls Club. McChristian succeeds Joseph Patuleia, who will continue to serve as Madison’s Executive Director Emeritus and will be working on special projects until September 2018. McChristian has nearly four decades of experience in international business and philanthropy, rising to senior leadership positions at IBM and Dun & Bradstreet. He will spearhead Madison’s efforts to open its new Pinkerton Clubhouse in Harlem, which will be Madison’s largest and most advanced facility to date. Madison currently serves over 5,000 members between the ages of 6 and 18 at four Clubhouses located in Brooklyn and the Bronx. The Pinkerton Clubhouse is expected to open its doors to the Harlem community next summer.

The Child Center of NY has become the provider for both Ocean Bay and Hammel House Cornerstone Community Centers in Far Rockaway, Queens. These programs of the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development have long been a vital part of this and other underserved areas of New York, put in place to offer afterschool enrichment and adult programs, recreation and respite. As a provider for other Cornerstone programs in Queens, The Child Center of NY know the integral role they play in imbuing a sense of community where there may otherwise be no space to come together, no place for children to go during those critical afterschool hours when parents must remain at work. The mission to strengthen children and families -- by making available to them the skills and opportunities they need to compete and succeed -- is greatly fortified by the services offered by Cornerstones. The Child Center of NY is the sole Cornerstone provider in Far Rockaway.

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