The great Muppet mayor

The great Muppet mayor

The great Muppet mayor
November 7, 2017

The New York City mayoral race hasn’t generated much real drama, and with few substantive policy debates, it has frequently descended into mudslinging and name-calling. 

One insult that has caught on is independent candidate Bo Dietl’s likening of Mayor Bill de Blasio to Big Bird. So if de Blasio’s a big, lovable yellow bird, which puppets best represent the rest of the field?

Bill de Blasio & Big Bird

They’re both tall, kind of goofy and a familiar face on the streets of New York City (though many would take offense with Dietl’s description of the puppet – if not the mayor – as “stupid”).

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Nicole Malliotakis & Zoe

Nicole Malliotakis and Zoe

Introduced in 1993 to capitalize on the popularity of Elmo and to balance out a male-heavy lineup, Zoe hasn’t quite caught on. Sounds like Malliotakis, an unknown to nearly two-thirds of city voters.

Bo Dietl & Animal

Bo Dietl and Animal

The private investigator/talking head is a long shot, but he’s made a lot of noise. With his unpredictable attacks and self-described “Wild Man Bo” personality, who’s a better Bo than Animal?

Sal Albanese & Waldorf 

Sal Albanese and Waldorf the muppet

Waldorf (along with Statler) has been offering his unvarnished criticism since the ’70s. Albanese, a city councilman in the ’80s and ’90s, has been launching cranky attacks from the sidelines for years.

Scott Stringer & Scott Stringer puppet

Scott stringer the puppet

Sure, he didn’t have the guts to run for mayor this year. But we couldn’t resist bringing back the Scott Stringer puppet from City & State’s 2015 Manhattan issue.

Anthony Weiner & Gonzo

Anthony Weiner and Gonzo

The former congressman might have been running for another four years as mayor if he had more self-control. Like Gonzo, Weiner loves the spotlight and has, ahem, unusual amorous attractions.


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