2022 Nonprofit FundCon

September 22, 2022  
Museum of Jewish Heritage
36 Battery Place, New York, NY
8:00AM - 5:00PM
Strategies to Build Visibility Access and Funding
Event Description

The 5th annual Nonprofit FundCon focuses on how to increase fundraising strategies and opportunities for nonprofits in New York. Fundraising is all about creating trust and building relationships that lead logically to donating, giving and other support. Join us to hone your direct response fundraising skills and stay apprised of the latest trends in nonprofit membership development. Bring your organization into the 21st century and abandon old practices that are depleting your valuable resources! It’s a new day in the nonprofit industry; join us as we explore these insights and strategies.

Discussions to Include:

  • Fundraising 101: What is basic, cheap or free? A Checklist of Tools
  • Creating and Implementing a Successful Event while Raising Significant Funds
  • Online Fundraising to Enhance Your Message: From Websites to Social Media to Mobile
  • Storytelling - How to Tell the Story of Your Organization
  • How Culture Impacts Marketing: Why Raising More Money Requires Instilling Equity at Every Level
  • Unleashing the Power of New Technology
  • The Challenges of Accounting in Fundraising
  • Fundraising Across the Generations

Nonprofit Chief Executives, Executive Directors, Board of Directors, Consultants, Agencies and other Marketing Professionals, Nonprofit Development, Marketing and Strategy Officers, Direct Response Fundraisers, Major Gift Officers and Staff, Membership Staff, City and State Public Officials in Communications and Public Affairs, and those who service these executives.


Interested in participating? Speaking and sponsorship opportunties are available! Please contact kmurphy@cityandstateny.com for more information!


Registration Opens/Breakfast Served


Welcome and Opening Remarks


Fundraising 101: A Checklist of Tools

In today’s digital age, much of our fundraising and relationship-building happens through technology. Events are an important way to engage with donors and create an experience that not only brings awareness to your cause, but also is an important way to engage with Millennials and younger audiences. Some of the most important starting points include identify goals, create a budget, recruit key people, secure important sponsors, build strong event, maximize the ask, and follow up and maximize the experience.

Devon M. Daniel, Advancement Officer, YAI (moderator)

Kate Randi, Director Development, Robin Hood

Shivonne McKay Annan, Executive Director, CHiPS (Community Help in Park Slope)

Nathan Tuchman, Director of Individual and Corporate Giving, The New York Foundling


The Challenges of Accounting in Fundraising

Good fundraising and good accounting do not always effortlessly line up. While they all feed the same mission, fundraisers work to meet revenue goals while accountants focus on recording transactions in compliance with accounting standards and following privacy issues. Sometimes the development department totals reported to boards do not align with annual financial statements, causing confusion and concern. This panel will address the major accounting concepts every not-for-profit fundraiser should know,

Amy West, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, AHRC New York City (moderator)

Karin Kunstler Goldman, Assistant Attorney General, New York State Attorney General's Charities Bureau

Shibani Gambhir, Chief Operating Officer, Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts


Refreshment Break


Creating and implementing a successful event while raising significant funds

Fundraising events are an essential part of nonprofit development programs. The goal as a fundraiser is to make to get the most out of your event while raising as much money as possible, without wasting valuable time and resources. This panel will discuss importance of relationships, long-term planning, staying focused and building an events team.

Nancy D. Miller, Executive Director/CEO, VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (moderator)

Trey Moynihan, Special Events Manager, National Museum of the American Indian

Amy Cano, Director of Special Events, S:US Services for the Underserved


Unleashing the Power of New Technology

Technology has leveled the fundraising playing field for small nonprofits who make up the large majority in the sector. While it could be said that different technologies can cause distractions for a fundraising campaign or special event, the truth is that when used effectively, technology can greatly improve the experience of your fundraising efforts, overall program and your bottom line. The panel will explore some technologies that help improve the fundraising process such as donor management platforms, mobile silent auctions, fund-a-need programs, text-to-give campaigns, use of video and virtual reality, social media and more.

Adam Doyno, Executive Director, CUNY SPH Foundation and Director of Development (moderator)

Jamila Baucom, Vice President for Advancement, The Children’s Village

Gabriela Gonzalez, Assistant Vice President of Communications and Development, Acacia Network




The Key To Success — How to Tell the Story of Your Organization

A great story versus a good story can make the difference between keeping your donors and volunteers connected or losing them to the next good cause. With a bit of imagination, every nonprofit can use storytelling to intensify their marketing efforts and create a meaningful connection with their supporters. Different communications channels can deliver stories in a way that encourages readers to take action.

Stanley Capela, Corporate Compliance Officer, HeartShare Human Services of New York (moderator)

Aldervan Daly, EVP Institutional Advancement, Rising Ground Inc.

Lisa W. Alpert, Vice President of Development and Programming, Green-Wood Cemetery


Online Fundraising to Enhance Your Message: From Websites to Social Media to Mobile

Social media, the internet, mobile technology and fundraising are clearly interdependent in today’s nonprofit marketing. Their shared ability to connect donors to nonprofits worthy of help is shaping an all new way fundraising. From video storytelling and social media engagement, to crowdfunding and dynamic events, this panel will show you the most effective digital fundraising best practices for your organization.

Ramik Jamar Williams, Co-Executive Director: Kings Against Violence Initiative (moderator)

Ebony Young, Deputy Queens Borough President

Caroline Gallagher, VP of Development, Children’s Aid


Refreshment Break


How Culture Impacts Marketing: Why Raising More Money Requires Instilling Equity at Every Level

No matter its mission or size, it’s essential for every nonprofit to be guided by core values, beliefs, and perspectives. When your staff and supporters understand these guidelines, they’ll feel empowered to make the right decisions and accurately represent your nonprofit in terms of hiring the right kind of board, developing and communicating a clear compensation plan and of course creating an overall mission strategy. When board members, staff, donors, and others who affect the values and activities of a nonprofit come from a wide range of backgrounds, they bring unique perspectives that influence the strategy and fundraising efforts of your nonprofit as you approach your mission in more inclusive and innovative ways.

Sonya Shields, Senior Associate, Cause Effective (moderator)

Jan Fisher, Executive Director, Nonprofit Westchester

Megan Eiss, Deputy Director of Immigrant-ARC


Storytelling and Fundraising Across the Generations

Not all generations are created equal when it comes to marketing for good. Growing up during different times of communication and technological advancements, each generation of donors has developed different ways to connect with causes they’re passionate about. For nonprofits, catering to each generation through multi-channel marketing can drastically improve outreach and fundraising efforts. What is the story you tell the Baby Boomers and how does it differentiate from the one told to GenZ or Millennials? What are the different tools to be used across the generations?

Allison Nickerson, Executive Director, LiveOn NY (moderator)

Emily Ashton, Chief External Affairs Officer, America Needs You

Joe Ceriello, Chief Marketing & Development Officer, New York Junior Tennis & Learning


Sessions Conclude