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Illustration of homeless person

It’s something that happens just about everyday. A New Yorker spots a homeless person on the street.

Last year, House Republicans and President Donald Trump spent months trying to cut healthcare before giving up and moving on to corporate tax cuts.

Tweets from the 2019 Robin Hood gala

Sister Paulette LoMonaco received a standing ovation at the Robin Hood Foundation gala on May 13.

News of Sister Paulette LoMonaco’s retirement as executive director of Good Shepherd Services rocked the local nonp

Amy Meselson tweets

A polo match on Long Island helped out the Robin Hood Foundation.

Good Shepherd Services announced its new executive director. Michelle Yanche – who has served as t

Citywide Week of Appreciation for Child Protective Specialists

New York City Child Protective Specialist Adam Vega tried to stay calm as he knocked on the door of a Brooklyn home earlier this year.

A mother and daughter sitting in the woods.

The Trump administration is looking to make it harder for people to receive SNAP.