A protester in New York City holding a sign that says "If it's not systems change I don't want it."
A new report shows that most racial equity donations can't be tracked to recipients yet.
The Lucerne hotel on the Upper West Side.
The transfer back to group shelters has put a spotlight on the health risks homeless people face from COVID-19 and continued need for housing support.
A protest against hate toward Asian American and Pacific Islanders in New York.
The funds are aimed toward a diverse group of New Yorkers facing poverty and barriers to accessing services.
Bottles of OxyContin.
The foundations' new operators will use the funds to respond to the opioid crisis, under the agreement.
Volunteers packing donations in a box.
Larger foundations were also more likely to increase support, according to a new survey.
Dance performance from a 2017 gala at the NYU Skirball Center.
The arts and cultural sector still has a long road to recovery.
People celebrating at New York City's "Hometown Heroes" ticker tape parade.
Those eschewing the celebration say the city should be giving increased pay to frontline workers instead of hosting a parade.
New York City Council Member Stephen Levin announcing funding for the Fair Futures initiative alongside the city Administration for Children’s Services in 2019.
Fair Futures will receive $20 million for this fiscal year and baselined funding for the future.
Students at P.S. 78.
High demand and a rushed rollout have left some teachers and organizations feeling unprepared for an influx of kids to summer programming.
Rally in City Hall Park in Manhattan calling for more funding for nonprofits.
The budget deal includes a one-time bonus totaling $24 million for human services workers.