NYN's Nonprofit OpCon
NYN’s OpCon virtual event offers advice on transitioning out of the pandemic.
We're hiring
The sector gained 63,000 new jobs, but still is well below pre-pandemic levels.
A new report details what can be done to fix long-standing problems.
Elder care
More than 900 attendees joined a virtual rally to pressure the mayor and City Council.
The Harlem organization said the city agency violated its own contracting process.
Richard Buery.
A conversation with the president of the charter school network Achievement First.
People rallying in support of the Excluded Workers Fund in March.
The state will award funds to nonprofits helping undocumented immigrants apply, but challenges are already emerging for future applicants.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Elected officials have been pushing the city to develop a plan for reopening the centers.
Apartments in New York City.
Language added to the bill would cause recipients to lose their rental assistance vouchers once they earn 250% of the federal poverty limit.
New York City Council Member Stephen Levin.
The legislation would significantly expand the number of apartments New Yorkers with vouchers can access.