NYN Media CEO Corner Podcast with Audrey Weiner & John Sanchez

NYN Media CEO Corner Podcast with Audrey Weiner & John Sanchez

September 2, 2016

The New Jewish Home offers rehabilitation, long-term nursing, housing, health care and other services to 12,000 seniors every year, and has a budget of more than $300 million. We sat down with president and CEO Audrey Weiner, who joined the organization in 1993, to talk about why they rebranded from Jewish Home Lifecare, expanding their “green house” model of eldercare, and how ice cream can help ease the challenges of aging. We also spoke with John Sanchez, the executive director of the East Side House Settlement. When he retires in December, he’ll be departing an organization that he’s led for 27 years. The organization has an $18 million budget about 450 educators, counselors and social workers serving 10,000 residents and students across upper Manhattan and the Bronx. He talks with us about the things that have changed since the end of the Koch administration, and the things that, for better or worse, haven’t.

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