NYN Media Insights Podcast on Education: Data and Debt

NYN Media Insights Podcast on Education: Data and Debt

March 23, 2017
Apr 16

While there are countless youth programs, there are just as many approaches to helping at risk kids. So how do you make them work, and find the best outcomes? Katrina Huffman, Chief Program Officer at Youth INC and Dr. Kim Sabo-Flores, Co-Founder and CEO of Algorhythm were part of a team that aimed to find that out. They recently released a report called "The Art and Science of Creating Effective Youth Programs," created in collaboration with News Corp looks to understand how to guide youth development in out-of-school programs. They joined us for an Outcomes segment.

And then, in an additional segment, we join Martin Hassner, who recently launched the Reform Student Debt campaign to change the landscape for students graduating college. His proposal would cap interest rates, forgive debt once the principal has been repaid, limit income garnishments and help refinance student loan debt. He is also known in political circles as the head of New York’s Liberal Party.

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Dan Rosenblum