Robin Hood’s 2019 benefit, “Robin Hood to the Power of You.”
Sheila Kelly, the chief advancement officer at Robin Hood, spoke to NYN Media about the return of the in-person gala and what it hopes to achieve.
A New York City Corrections bus.
In an attempt to ease overcrowding at the Rikers Island jail complex amid its ongoing crisis, incarcerated women and trans-identified people are being transferred to state-run facilities.
Protesters rallying outside of City Hall, demanding that people be let out of the Rikers Island jail complex due to its poor conditions, on Oct.1.
The New York City jail system has always faced criticism but staffing shortages, overcrowding and a high death toll have led to chaos on the island.
An older couple crosses a New York City street.
The New York City’s Department for the Aging hopes to invest more in services that allow its aging population to avoid nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
A New York City school bus.
The program, which had been considered a major form of racial segregation within the city’s public elementary schools for years, will gradually end over the next few years.
A sleeping homeless man.
Over the past four decades this consent decree has helped secure temporary housing for thousands of New Yorkers in need – but is it making the homeless crisis worse?
A homeless man sitting in Midtown, Manhattan.
The city’s biggest homeless operator has been involved in some shady business dealings, according to a new report from The New York Times.
The entrance sign at Trump Golf Links in the Bronx.
A new government procurement notice alludes to a radically different operator taking former President Donald Trump’s place.
R. Kelly performing in 2016.
After avoiding accountability for years, the multi-platinum musician was found guilty of being the head of a racketeering and sex trafficking scheme.
Greg Morris, executive director of Isaacs Center and Roderick Jones, executive director of Goddard Riverside.
New York City organizations, the Goddard Riverside and the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center, join forces to help Manhattan’s most vulnerable.