Gov. Hochul is being urged to sign legislation that targets racial disparities in maternal mortality rates
Charities received two-thirds of donations while professional fundraisers pocket the rest
NYN Media
The go-to resource for non-profits in New York now has a panel of professionals to help guide its content amid other exciting changes.
New York City Hall
After this year’s return to Somos, here’s how New York policy makers and incoming Mayor-elect Eric Adams can address the pressing needs of the city’s Hispanic population, especially after COVID-19.
Foundational parts of organizational infrastructure at many organizations has been tested and strained by the pandemic and will require new ways to equip nonprofits and their leaders so they can continue to do their work.
For some New York kids, three meals a day isn’t guaranteed. Here’s why Mayor-elect Eric Adams should change that harsh reality on Jan. 1.
The need to close the digital literacy gap that affects low-income New Yorkers, older adults and people of color is vital for the access of essential services and opportunities delivered by nonprofits.
Jacklyn Tacoronte, executive director of NYC Digital Media Center (second from left) at the new non profit's launch on Staten Island Wednesday.
The project will offer digital production and editing courses for young people.
Gov. Kathy Hochul signs the START Act into law.
Gov. Kathy Hochul signed the Survivors of Trafficking Attaining Relief Together (START) Act, legislation supported by more than 100 organizations.
Prison bars
Activists hope to overturn the state’s sentencing laws that have disproportionately affected Black and brown communities for decades