Lisa Flores
Lisa Flores talks to NYMedia about the process that’s hindered organizations doing business with the city and the opportunities to improve it.
Family together
Families and their children thrive through financial assistance, not when the government resorts to policing them.
Women owned business
City Council Member Ben Kallos said he hopes an expansion of data collection will help curb discrimination in communities of color
Family court
Advocates argue a host of problems for parents are keeping them from being reunified with their children.
Human services
A campaign is underway advocating to raise wages for workers at nonprofits already owed “hundreds of millions of dollars” on unpaid government contracts.
Home health worker
40 offices for the aging across the state sent a letter to Gov. Hochul asking she help pass the Fair Pay for Home Care Act
Halt Solitary Confinement
Advocacy groups rally outside of City Hall to support legislation that will cease solitary confinement, which disproportionately targets Black and Latino populations.
Planned Parenthood
Elected officials continue to show support for abortion rights in New York amidst attacks in other states
Sex education
Reproductive health education in schools have been challenging but efforts have been moved online
Planned Parenthood
New York State Attorney General fights for reproductive health care once more