Before deciding on a full merger, consider that a nonprofit collaboration can offer a less intensive solution.

In response to the increasing pressure to do more with less, nonprofit leaders find themselves asking: Are there ways to assure the sustainability

David DeParolesa, Give Lively CEO

Hunger, contaminated drinking water, unsafe spaces, failing schools, migrants in crisis: these are just a sample of some of the major issues facing

Gilbert Plaza presents at NYU Lutheran Hospital

I’ve been advocating for people with disabilities for over 30 years.

Outreach programming in action

I come from a generation of founders of mission-driven organizations who didn’t think about being CEOs – they were driven by a sense of purpose.

Center for NYC Neighborhoods

Founded to combat the effects of the recession and foreclosure crisis, many didn’t think the Center for NYC Neighborhoods would need to be around 1

Tiasia O’Brien is founding partner and head of strategy at Seam Social Labs, which helps support local urban economies.

New York City nonprofit leaders are in the right place at the right time to seek out out program-related investments.

Comunilife's Life is Precious program helps Latina teens at risk for committing suicide.

Now more than ever, we need increased investments in programs like Comunilife's Life is Precious which is tackling suicide ideation where it is mos

The New York Merger Acquisition and Collaboration Fund was established in 2012.

Collaborations – even including mergers – should be considered a best practice embraced by all mission-driven organizations rather than a las

This year, more than 34,000 middle school students across all five boroughs will miss out on the summer camp experience if funding that was elimina

Sunrise in New York City

Many of New York City’s community development corporations are still run today by founding staff who have grown their organizations into large, com