Guard standing against a wall in Rikers.

This fall, as New York’s Raise the Age law goes into effect, detained teens will be moved from the Rikers Island jail complex to two juvenile deten


In working to close the infamous Rikers Island jail complex, New York City has made noteworthy strides in reducing its jail population.

Family Enrichment Center in New York City

We all know, from our own lives, the importance of heading off problems early, before they grow out of control.

New York City mayors Bill de Blasio and Ed Koch

Once again, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is touting record affordable housing created by his administration.

Child at a fence

People across the country and around the world have been appalled at how our federal government is treating immigrant families.

Valiance Hub Kickstarter

In 2017, I spent a year covering and reporting about the formerly incarcerated community of New York City.

 Young male child observes teacher.

On June 28, New York Nonprofit Media’s piece on a New York City Council Education Committee hearing titled

Before deciding on a full merger, consider that a nonprofit collaboration can offer a less intensive solution.

In response to the increasing pressure to do more with less, nonprofit leaders find themselves asking: Are there ways to assure the sustainability

David DeParolesa, Give Lively CEO

Hunger, contaminated drinking water, unsafe spaces, failing schools, migrants in crisis: these are just a sample of some of the major issues facing