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How an obscure nonprofit became one of New York City’s largest contractors

Zach Williams on Apr 04, 2018

Four years was all it took for Childrens Community Services to transform into one of the biggest nonprofit social services providers in New York City, with responsibility for housing thousands of peop…

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Insights Podcast: Denham Wolf on helping nonprofits make real estate decisions

Aimée Simpierre on Apr 19, 2018

Are you in the right neighborhood? Were you in the right neighborhood but now the neighborhood around you has changed? There are a lot of things for a nonprofit to consider when making real estate dec…

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Final 2019 state budget brings mixed results for nonprofit sector

Zach Williams on Apr 02, 2018

New York nonprofits scored some funding wins in the final state budget for the upcoming year, but the victory was not shared across the board.

More funding for social programs and human services co…

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It’s time to meet millennials where they give

By Allan Amico on Apr 19, 2018

The trends are hard to ignore.

Some 21 percent of online donations were made on a mobile device – a substantial increase from the previous year. In 2017, online giving reached over $20 billion and 37 p…

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