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Recent galas and events

NYN Media on Nov 28, 2016

New York plays host to some of the most glamorous gala events where local philanthropists and nonprofit colleagues gather to learn about and support critical causes. We know your organizations put a l…

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Diverse Group of Nonprofits Lining up Behind ‘Fair Fares’ Campaign

David R. Jones on Nov 17, 2016

Making the city’s public transit system more affordable and equitable is particularly critical nowadays with low-income New Yorkers struggling to afford bus and subway fares, and the MTA poised to rai…

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Immigrants fuel the rise of worker cooperatives

Frank G. Runyeon on Nov 07, 2016

The number of worker cooperatives has tripled in the last three years, according to an unreleased report by the New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS). The businesses, which are…

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Thinking about land use ventures

Michael Zisser on Nov 14, 2016

People have asked me, how do you do an air rights deal or a zoning lot merger or a joint development project or a major renovation or a corporate acquisition involving real estate, land use, or some o…

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