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Lynn Loflin, Executive Chef, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House

Thomas Seubert on Feb 24, 2016

After more than 20 years as a restaurateur, Lynn Loflin took a break – of sorts. While working on her organic farm in the Catskills, she had long thought about the food system and the lack of fresh an…

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Opinion: Give low-income tenants a fair chance in housing court

Ruben Diaz, Jr. on May 02, 2016

There is an undeniable homelessness crisis in this city, one that underscores the importance of increased representation of low-income tenants in eviction proceedings. Anyone doubting the relationship…

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NYC nursing homes forcing residents into homeless shelters

Frank G. Runyeon on Apr 04, 2016

Editor’s note: This article is the second in a three-part series examining how and why New York’s nursing homes too often fail to keep their residents safe. Read the first part here.

Robert Negron,…

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Maximizing the return on investment from your special events

Craig Shelley, CFRE on Mar 17, 2016

As an event fundraiser in the late 1990s, it seemed all you needed was an honoree and a dream to fund your mission. It probably wasn’t as easy as I remember it, but it appears the game of checkers we…

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