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Elsa Cruz Pearson of The Family Center

Thomas Seubert on Jan 08, 2016

It took Elsa Cruz Pearson, a staff attorney at The Family Center, two years of false starts and soul searching before she could write a single law school application essay describing why she wanted to…

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How insurers are failing children with mental health needs

Andrew Malekoff on Feb 11, 2016

What happens when something that affects children’s lives is widespread but hidden in plain sight? What if it is something that creates untold heartache in lives that are already unnecessarily damaged…

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A new phase in juvenile justice reform

Jeff Stein on Jan 08, 2016

After months of delays, the second and final phase of the New York City Administration of Children’s Services’ Close to Home program has commenced, with four of the six planned sites online, according…

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What’s new in fundraising events

Ron Gold on Jan 08, 2016

At Marketing Works, we’ve noticed a definite trend away from traditional golf outings and gala fundraising events and toward extended cocktail parties or more innovative events with themes like casino…

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