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One-on-One: Paula Gavin, Chief Service Officer for NYC Service

Jeff Stein on Sep 30, 2015

New York Nonprofit Media's Jeff Stein sat down with Paula Gavin, New York City's Chief Service Officer, to talk about the city's efforts to increase volunteerism and liaise with the city's nonprofits…

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Antiquated View of a Modernized Sector

Allison Sesso on Aug 14, 2015

The conclusions Steven Malanga reaches in his piece “Charities on the Dole,” demonstrate a real lack of appreciation for the history and complex relationship between government and mission-driven soci…

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Arts Groups Diversify Funding

Thomas Seubert on Sep 15, 2015

With a two-cast member musical already planned for their 15th season, Keen Company, a nonprofit off-Broadway theater troupe in Midtown, reviewed fundraising projections for the coming year.

“The necess…

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Critical Communications

Anat Gerstein on Sep 15, 2015

I often encounter nonprofits – those with budgets ranging from under $1 million to several millions – that tell me that they simply can’t afford a strategic communications program. My response is alwa…

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