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Defining success remains elusive for New York City human services nonprofits

Dave Gentile on Mar 13, 2018

Representatives from city government, philanthropy and some of New York’s human service organizations gathered last week to discuss a recent report that suggested ways to strengthen the sector. But th…

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Career Pathways is the missing piece of Mayor de Blasio’s promised ‘fairest big city’

Annie Garneva on Mar 12, 2018

During his State of the City address, Mayor Bill de Blasio reiterated his administration’s commitment to making New York what he called “the fairest big city in America.” Amidst his 10-point plan to a…

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Nonprofits continue efforts to save New York state support for Close to Home program

Zach Williams on Mar 07, 2018

A 14-year-old former juvenile offender named Justin was well positioned in a New York State Capitol hallway as a group of lawmakers emerged from a backroom meeting just after high noon on Monday,…

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Six tips to boost your nonprofit's grant writing

Ethan Fusaris on Mar 06, 2018

Grant writing can be a daunting process for many organizations. Keeping six simple tips in mind can help you boost your grant writing skills and lead to impactful gains in funding for your organizatio…

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