NYN Media Buzz: Feb. 14, 2018


TV news reporter Magee Hickey (left) joined cabaret singer Stacy Sullivan (right) and James McGuirk, executive director of Astor Services for Children and Families, at a Feb. 3 event. (Illustration by Zach Williams/ NYN Media)

A fundraising tribute to Cole Porter helped Astor Services for Children and Families raise more than $18,000 on Feb. 3. The funds will benefit children and families at the Lawrence F. Hickey Center for Early Child Development which helps provides mental health services to young children with emotional and cognitive challenges, according to a press release.

Yonkers-based St. Elizabeth Seton Children’s Foundation sent some love to donors and supporters at a Feb. 8. The event intended to express gratitude for the support donors and supporters have given to the foundation, which unites organizations such as the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric CenterJohn A. Coleman School and Children’s Rehabilitation Center, according to a press release.

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors selected Putnam Independent Living Services to receive funding to establish a National Diabetes Program in upstate’s Putnam County, which will help people in the beginning stages of the disease. “Our goal for this program is to reduce the number of people who progress to Type 2 diabetes by introducing this evidence based program free to individuals with a diagnosis of pre-diabetes,” said Joe Bravo, executive director of Putnam Independent Living Services, said in a press release.

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